Review of Cleveland VP5 (Putters)

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Top notch. Putter held up well.


Ok, I am a pretty good putter, better on long putts than short but I rarely 3 putt. This club is, well, pretty amazing. I made several 30+ foot putts so on long putts, it's easy to aim. This is a mallet putter as well.So the design on the putter comes from Cleveland's concept of 'visual performance' (noted the VP in the name), hinting that due to the physics of your eyes being over the ball instead of behind it, it's not uncommon for players to misinterprete the real line of the puttIt seems to be ever so slightly offset but it may not be. But the feel was solid, balls come off the face soft but roll well. So this design incorporates several things to improve that. One of those is that lengthy alignment aid that present on top of the club. Fairly straight forward how to us it. But another is they've installed a visual cue on the inside of the putter head that is only visible when you do not have the putter fully upright. So if you tilt the putter too much one way or the other (which could lead to more pushes and pulled putts) these visual aids show up. Interesting. I don't know how much these really help but I drained a lot of putts with this putter.


Nothing. Ok, it's a slightly odd shape but all mallets are and I currently play a PING CRAZ-E so I'm used to that.


If you're looking for a putter, I'd recommend you give this one a spin. I made a lot of putts in my testing and it's got a super solid feel and it's not bad priced.

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