Review of Cobra 2009 S9-1 (Drivers)

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2009 S9-1

High quality shaft, and a high quality head. About what I expect from Cobra.


Nice looking head, but on the large side. The standard model is much longer heel to toe, and wider face to back. The club face is shallower also.


The standard model comes with a light 55 gram shaft. I don't care for that light of a shaft in my drivers. Good quality shaft, just too light.


This version of the S9 looks big when you look down at the club behind the ball. The face is longer toe to heel, which some golfers will like. It's also shallower top to bottom, which some golfer may not like. Of the two versions, this one will give you a higher ball flight for the loft you pick. The Pro model have a lower more tour like ball flight. This is a very good driver, and should work well for most all golfers. Very good distance, and good foregiveness. I'll give it a four rating. 5 if you like light shafts in your driver.

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