Review of Cobra 350ss Driver (Drivers)

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350ss Driver

Solid construction. Great design. Components that make it sound like it should be used in space shuttle construction. I would put this club up against a Callaway, Taylor Made, or Nike driver any day.


Everything. Seriously. This club is amazing. It's lightweight but doesn't feel like swinging a wiffle-ball bat the way most graphite shaft clubs do. The enlarged sweet spot is great for us weekend golfers as well. Plus it just looks cool! The metal plate on the bottom gives it a "trophy" kind of aura and is probably the reason for what I refer to as the "Cobra Ding" sound I hear when I crush one of my drives!


It wasn't available last year. It could have really helped my game. But all good things to those who wait. Now, why aren't there any more Cobra Dista's to go with my new driver?? That's a shame!


I have always drove the ball 220-225 yards max on a good swing. But I also have a tendency to slice big-time as most amateurs do. This club has not only made my slice ancient history, it has now made me a 250-265 yard driver! I kid you not!! And, if I do happen to swing incorrectly, my shot is merely a slight fade instead of a right-angled slice which keeps me out of serious trouble on the course. This club is worth the money and will not disappoint.

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