Review of Cobra Gravity Back Driver (Drivers)

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Gravity Back Driver

This is a stiff graphite shaft. The head has been extremely durable, even during my moments of frustration.


I love the forgiveness of this club. If I hit a ball on the toe, it seems to be corrected, the same with almost any area on the clubhead. Even with the incredible forgiveness, I can draw or fade the ball at will. Even when I am having an off day with my swing I can manage to hit it. Again my favorite thing about this club is the ability to salvage decent distance, on less than decent swings. The shaft that came with the club is excellent, and when a shot is well struck you know about it. Just pick up your tee, and walk 320 yds. right down the middle of the fairway.


There is only two things I dislike about the unit. First is: the head felt a little light to me. However, with a little lead tape it was perfect. Secondly... when you overswing, it has a tendancy to pull the ball to the left. So now if i need to take a big rip with it, i just aim a little to the right.


This is an excellent club, especially for the money. I highly reccomend it to any golfer who is need of a quality driver.

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