Review of Cobra L5V F-Speed (Drivers)

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L5V F-Speed

Construction and quality is top notch. Nothing I didn't notice out of the ordinary.


First tried it out at the RD Golf launch monitors with the s-flex. My ball flight was straight down the middle with an occassional draw. Real play showed fades and lack of distance by over 40 yards. Replaced the driver with a Regular flex. Ball goes straight and an occassional slight draw (only when my swing is good and I don't pull my shots). :( Swing weight is really good for my speed. Feels light and easy to control. Ball flights off the titanium face with a low and boring flight. Distance is great as I paired the driver with a 2008 TM Red w/LDP to help reduce side spin.


The head looks like a monster next to the ball at address. Once you get used to the looks, there's nothing to dislike. Exotic shafts are not available in any local stores that are near me. The L5V stock shaft and hosel have an adapter that allows interchanging shafts with the supplied torque wrench. I don't know where to get different shafts for this Cobra driver, even though the CObra website shows a bunch of different shafts made for it, other than the Diamana Red Board. Maybe it's not Cobra's fault but rather the pro/golf shops for not stocking any additional shafts like they do for the Callaway I-mix clubs.


Great driver to build up confidence in off the tee with distance as a bonus. Experienced players may find it more difficult to shape shot since this particular model is 1-2 degrees closed. The x-speed shafts allow for less offset if that's what your looking for.

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