Review of Cobra S3 15* 3 Wood (Fairway Woods)

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S3 15* 3 Wood

Quality and construction is first rate, as I've come to explict from Cobra. Assembly look fine.


At setup, it looks exactly like my Cobra LD 5 wood, so that's nice. Distance is excellent as is the ball flight. Seems very easy to hit well so far. Feel of the club is very good as well. Good head cover.


No complaints so far


I was hoping to find a good 3 wood to go with my Cobra LD 5 wood, and so far this new S3 Cobra is looking pretty good. I was rather impressed with the way I was hitting it at the range. For the first time out, it was doing quite well. Nice ball flight and plenty long. I normally play a 82 gram S flex shaft with much lower torque rating, so I was very impressed at how well I was hitting this 65 gram higher torque shaft Cobra 3 wood. I hit it a lot better than I expected I would to be honest. If you are looking for a good 3 wood, I recommend you Demo the S3 Cobra.

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