Review of Cobra Speed LD M Offset (Fairway Woods)

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Speed LD M Offset

Since this was a demo club, and by the looks of the nicks and dents in it by numerous users, I can not make a fair judgment on the quality. But it looks like it's seen a lot of uses by a lot of people who demo'ed this club.


I had a difficult time making decent contact with this club. I currently own a Cleveland HiBore XLS 5-wood that I can hit better.


Swing weight felt off on the downswing. Backswing felt ok and smooth. Contact with the ball felt like something was off. I inspected the head to see if it was damaged. I couldn't visually find anything flawed, except for the numerous nicks and dents around the face. Maybe this was enough to throw off the precision swing usually found in Cobra products, as this was the first Cobra club I did not like hitting.


I had a difficult time hitting balls with this club due to it being a demo in bad shape. This club is not made for me at all. I'm rating this a 4 instead of a 5 because of the difficulty I had with it.

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