Review of Cobra SS 427cc Titanium Driver (Drivers)

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SS 427cc Titanium Driver

Solid, nice looking, very nice paint and great looking shaft.


UNBELIVABLE !! and no, I don't work for Cobra. this thing rocks ! You can't miss. Cobra is now part of the Titleist group of companies and they really did it right. This club is the most forgiving club I have ever hit. Its huge sweet spot really does the trick. I'm on the fairways more than ever before and have immediately retired my Callaway Steelhead. For the average golfer who is looking for forgivness off the tee, this is your club. I was not very familiar with Cobra, but was told Tiger won the 97' Masters with Cobra so I felt more confidence with my purchase.


Well, you need to be careful with the face of the club. If you hit range balls make sure they are clean, as sand or dirt can damage and pit the head. (I am sure this is something to be aware of with all titanium drivers). Other than that, no complaints.


Overall, the best money I have ever spent for a piece of golf equipment.

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