Review of Cobra SS Forged (Irons)

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SS Forged

Quality seems very good. About what I expect from one of the top OEM club makers.


Forged cavity back irons are about as good as you can get for a set of irons. These clubs have a leading edge bevel, which is nice for helping to prevent digging when you hit off the deck. Cavity back design add a good bit of foregiveness compared to pure blades. Rifle Flighted shafts are really nice is you are looking for ease of hitting the ball high with the longer irons.


Noting not to like. They are in 'like new' condition. Can't tell if the 4 or 5 iron has ever been used, they're that new looking.


If you like forged irons, these are a very good set. The cavity back design makes them fairly easy to hit. The best thing about forged irons is the feel at impact. not at all harsh. This is due in part to the soft metal of forged irons, and partly due to the design of the clubhead. I haven't had these irons long enough to tell just how good they may be, but a few more rounds of golf should take care of that. So far, I like what I'm seeing with these irons.

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