Review of Cobra SS Oversize Steel Irons (Irons)

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J Morton
SS Oversize Steel Irons

They seem to be very well made and have bounce built into the leading edge on all club heads for less digging in the turf. Mid to higher handicap golfers will like this feature. I play to an 11 Handicap and love the clubs


I went to a driving range to demo several irons, Taylormade 360, Big Bertha x14, etc. And the new for 2002 King Cobra ss irons. The new ss irons hit and felt much better to me than all the others I tried. At the time I had ping I3's and I sold them to buy the king cobra irons


The clubs have a chrome finish and show scratches much more than a standard finish, but they are still very nice looking.


When you go to buy irons try and demo the clubs at a range and not into a net, when you demo new clubs try the new cobras for yourself, I'm very happy I did.

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