Review of Cobra X Speed Pro Deep (Drivers)

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Joe Golfer
X Speed Pro Deep



Clubhead seems almost identical to the current models of top of line Cobra heads,the S9-1, but the shaft is one I consider to be better than the current model's stock shaft.The shaft seems to be the genuine Aldila VS Proto 65 gram, though it is gold metallic flake color rather than the aftermarket blue color. The gold because it matches the Cobra color scheme.Sometimes manufacturers borrow the name of a popular shaft, but use a cheaper version, but in this case I think it is the real McCoy. Nice looking club that seems to set up square at address.While it is listed for swing speeds over 104 mph, I have found that it is quite suitable for my swing which is now around 100 or thereabouts, perhaps because my tempo has increased a bit after some swing changes.While the club's loft is 9.5*, I still get a good degree of height to my drives, even with a shaft that supposedly has a higher kickpoint (lower trajectory), probably because I do it up on the ball, playing it around the middle of my front foot on drives.But the club does keep the ball from ballooning as well, so I get a high trajectory even with the Deep model, but the ball hangs in the air for a long time, so it travels a good distance.I even like the grip. I almost always change the stock grips on my clubs, especially if they come with the ever popular velvet crossline style grip.This grip is a GolfPride grip, but it is unique to the Cobra brand, and it is quite comfortable, with decent tackiness and it doesn't feel abrasive on the hands.


Nothing so far, though it is pretty new.


Although this club supposedly is for swingspeeds that are slightly faster than my own, I have found it to be quite satisfactory. The shaft is definitely a stiff flex, but I can still load it a bit, and I think it can be played by anyone who swings over 95 mph, depending on their tempo.The club gives a good trajectory that gets high but then penetrates rather than ballooning, so when it lands, you also get a decent amount of roll.Definitely gives long drives, and it has a nice feel too it, even if it is loud when you hit it. Slight mishits don't seem to matter much, as it has a large sweetspot area.

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