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Dandy Blade

The construction is spot on. The balance is the best I have ever experienced, which includes, Yes!, multiple Odessy models, Never Compromise, Calloway, Ping, and Scotty Cameron Titleist.The unique lifeline (TM) grip really insures that you have the best possible grip to promote the slight vertical bend in the wrists to take them out of the stroke. It also feels better than the round or pistol grip after you use it for a few times.


I have two articles I created from my actual playing experiences, so here goes:1) I have had my Dandy putter for a little over a month. I have used both the putter stand to train my setup, and I bought the putter swing trainer to groove a more consistent stroke path and improve contact.I am putting better now than I ever have. My direction has improved to where I am expecting to make any putt from any distance on any decent surface. My USGA handicap index has improved from 11.3 to 6.1. Because my putting is so much better, the rest of my bag is not so stressed to over-perform to make up for so many lost strokes on the green. I was three-putting and missing half of my putts on almost half of the greens I played in an 18-hole round. That is no longer true. I have played 12 rounds, four of which were in tournament play, increasing the stress level and my putting is coming through with flying colors. In fact, my opponents have been discouraged by my results, knocking in some unexpected putts from 20-30 feet to halve or win match play holes. Golf is fun again on a level I have not experienced since I won the city championship captaining my golf team as a senior in High School.For those who have not tried this putter, I say you are missing a real opportunity to groove a straight-back/straight through stroke that is simply deadly. If you actually use the stand and learn to adjust yourself to the putter to retrain and maintain the correct setup, you will notice steady improvement. If you get the U-shaped attachment that trains your stroke to be more precise with respect to pure ball contact and a consistent strike on the heart of the putter, your distance control will also improve.I just can't wait to get to the green, because I know I might knock in the next putt, regardless of where I am on the green. I know I will make at least 75% of all putts inside ten feet, simply because that is my statistic over 12 rounds, 4 of them being tournament play.I call my Black Chromium 2010 Dandy Pro Blade 'Mamba' for its deadly strikes. I can't repeat what my fellow golfers call it on a public forum, but it has certainly got their attention. Some are considering a switch from putters they have used for years.If the 'Unsurpassed' 2010 Dandy Touring Pro Blade is that much better than my Black Chromium 2010 Dandy Pro Blade, I will save and get it.2) This is REALLY getting to be fun. MY GIR and FIR are getting better because I don't have to press any more to get the ball close to keep from three-putt bogeys. I shot the best round on a local course, posting under par on the much harder back side. Even better, I am making them from EVERYWHERE. I made two from 40 feet plus, and one from 8 feet off the green. I did not have one three-putt. Now, everybody wants to be on my team each week (we do a handicap draw with individual scores adding to a team score), because my team has won every week since I started using the Dandy. I swing better because I know my putter can bail me out at least half the time, so consequently, my approach shots are getting better because of the confidence I gained in putting has worked its way through my entire bag. Six straight weeks on various courses, varying surfaces, slopes, and grasses had eliminated any chance of my success being a flash in the pan. Now they are asking me about break, pace, etc., when beforehand, they completely ignored me because I was terrible, even suffering a severe case of the yips and three-putting with regularity. After the round, when we were settling up, some of the guys started a spirited discussion aimed at reducing my odds of being on the winning team every week. Too bad for them now, because my official USGA indexed handicap continues to drop as I get better and better with serious practice with the stand and the U-shaped putting tool on a fast home carpet, and then go to the course to work on pace and feel. They looked at me and asked, 'What do you think?' I finally spoke up and said, 'I know of only one way you stand a chance -- get a Dandy putter. Otherwise, it's going to continue to be expensive for you. Buy one yourself and you will save money in the long run.' There was not one 'Baloney, one catcall, one guffaw. There were merely positive nods, all around. The faces were not angry, just very, very serious ones mulling it over. The sound that was heard was a crescendo of silence. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard in my sixty-one years of playing golf.


It is not mainstream to be able to purchase for a lesser amount. The only thing I did to help me was to paint a white line on the very top edge to match the sight line on the bottom edge of the blade to help me insure that I have the proper angle when addressing the putt. There is a small notch on the top, but in shadows or in the wrong light angle, you can't see it or not enough to use it.


The real payoff is the factual synergy that is created with the free putter stand to insure you are taking the proper setup to the putter versus making the putter come to your stance (which in my case was not parallel and not balanced). I also bought the optional U-tool that attaches to the putter designed to improve the consistency and precision of the putting stroke and forces you to click the ball in the same place starting from address through follow-through. I use both tools when practicing my stroke on a fast carpet in my house, and then go to the course and work on my pace to maintain the proper distance control. That practice has made me a noticably better putter (see my experience articles from my notes I submitted).

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