Review of Dunlop DDH OS Irons (Irons)


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Jim Barnhardt
DDH OS Irons

Steel heads, graphite shafts. Good quality and binding where the shaft meets the head. They still feel solid after several rounds so I'm pretty confident they'll be in my bag for a while.


I got the graphite shafts, which of course were a little more pricey, but I have a slower clubhead speed so the increased lightness helps me swing faster and I believe it has added a little distance as well.I also like the rounded soles. I have a bad habit of digging in from the fairway and I believe the rounded soles are more forgiving in this aspect.


There's not much NOT to like. They're decent irons at a decent price. They're not the fanciest looking clubs so maybe that's a negative, but I wouldn't count it against them as I feel they've helped improve some aspects of my game.


Decent quality, good price and with the graphite shafts and rounded soles I'm seeing some strokes come off my score. They're not the prettiest, but they're not that bad looking (just plain if you ask me).. but it's not about looks, you know!

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