Review of Dynacraft Avatar XMOI (Drivers)

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Avatar XMOI

Quality is excellent, about what I've come to expect from Hireko products.


Very nice looking driver. Sets up well behind the ball. Nice tall club face, which is what a lot of Tour driver have and I rather like. Traditional shaped head is easy to look at. Good distance and foregiveness is very good. Gold solid feel and quite sound at impact. Being able to custom order this driver with ANY shaft and GRIP you perfer is a big plus.


No complaints at all.


This is an excellent driver at a very fair price. Not sure you can find a better driver at the price. Good distance and accuracy when I did my part. Looks good and the sound at impact is nice and quite, not noisly like a lot of today's driver. If you are looking for a good driver at a very fair price, I'd recommend you check out this driver from Hireko Golf. You can custom order one just the way you like it. Any shaft and grip you prefer and any club length you want can be ordered just for you.

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