Review of Elta 848 Irons (Irons)

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848 Irons

These are definatly a cast product. Not as sweet looking as a forged iron. Made from 431 stainless. Seem to wear well. The grooves are still nice after alot of practicing. The casting could have been smoother on the back of the wedges.


This iron is a take on the Armour EVO series. The wedges are blade style with a gradual cavity starting with the 9 iron.Wedges are great. Very accurate. I've been hitting alot of pins lately. Very easy to hit straight consistant golf shots.


The long irons feel alittle lite. I'm going to check the swingweight soon maybe add some weight. Other than that, I can't think of anything I don't like about these.The shafts are a little tip soft. That has nothing to do with the heads.


I feel these would be a nice fairly low cost iron for anyone who hits straight. A slicer may have problems because the offset isn't major. These are fairly easy to hit draws and fades with. I liked these so much that I built a backup set with upgraded shafts and stashed them. Only objection to these would be the falling price of Armour EVOs themselves that already come with excellentshafts. You can still build a decent set for about have the current cost of EVOs.

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