Review of Extra 20 Yards Fitness Machine (Accessories)

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Extra 20 Yards
Fitness Machine

Very high quality materials and very well made machine. Should last for many years.


Very well make machine from heavy duty steel. No cheap material anywhere. Very easy to set up. After only a short time using this machine I can feel my muscles reacting to the workout. Easy to use with a wide range of weight to fit kids and women up to your stronger golfers. Designed to be used both right and left handed for a balanced workout.


No instructions come with the machine, so you have to download the assembly and drills from the site.


It's too early to tell just how much this machine will help me. but after only a few days of use, I can feel a difference in my back and stomach muscles. Time will tell but I can see how using this machine on a regular basis can build up all the core muscles used in my swing. Added distance should just be a matter of time on the machine.

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