Review of FILA Proformance Golf shirt (Apparel)

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Proformance Golf shirt

Excellent quality workmanship and material. Should last a very long time with proper care.


The shirt stays pretty dry during a round of golf due to the moisture wicking material. Good fit in the shoulder which I find very important in a golf shirt. Tails of plenty long so the shirt stays tucked in when bending over. Very nice looking shirt.


A little tight in the chest area for a Large size golf shirt. I normally wear either a Medium or a Large, so I was a little surprise that this shirt was a bit tight around the chest and stomach area.


Good quality golf shirt, but make sure you try one on before you bay as the fit runs a bit tight. Good moisture wicking properties that helps to keep you dry during your round. The 13% Spandex mix allows the shirt to stretch as I swing, so I never feel the shirt restricting my swing, which is very important with a shirt that fits a little tight as this one does.

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