Review of Fine One Golf T3 (Shafts)

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Fine One Golf

Seems to be very well made. High quality coil wound shaft.


This is a Coil wind shaft. This S flex shaft FEELS a good bit softer than most of the other S flex shafts I've tried. But the ball flight was VERY consistantly straight and on line. I'm hitting this shaft/driver better than I have any driver in a long time. I'm very surprised how straight and consistanly well I'm hitting a driver with a shaft that is this soft.


Feels a good bit softer than what I'm used to.


The FINE ONE T3 shaft is the shaft that was used to win the finals in the Senior Division of the Long Drive event in Mesquite last year with a driver of over 400 yards. So you know it's not lacking in distance. What I found impressive is how WELL I am hitting this driver. I'm hitting it very well with good ball flight and more often down the middle of the fairway than not. The shaft is easier to bend than any other S flex shaft I've used, BUT it doesn't play like a soft shaft at all. Very consistant and much more so than any shaft this soft that I have tried over the years. The 70 gram shaft weight is very good for my swing. I'd LOVE to try the T3 in an X flex just to see if it might be even better suited to my swing, but I don't know how it could perform any better.

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