Review of FootJoy SuperLite (Shoes)

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Nicely made pair of shoes. High quality leather uppers.


Very light weight pair of golf shoes. They are built on the Competition Last, which gives them a bit more room in forefoot area, which I appreciate. Good arch support and very comfortable in the store. Easy to change out Champ spikes are some of the best.


I'd like a 2 year warranty over the 1 year waterproof they come with.


This is a pretty nice pair of golf shoes for a reasonable price. I'd perfer a 2 year waterproof warranty, but for the price 1 year will have to do. If you need a little wider shoe in the toe area, check out this shoe. It's enough wider than some others to make a big difference in how they feel after walking 18 holes. Being that they only sell for $60, I don't expect them to be a good as the higher priced shoes, but not everyone needs the extras of a $200 pair of shoes. For the money these are a very nice pair of shoes, that should work very well for your average golfer.

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