Review of Geek Golf DCT 7 Wood (Fairway Woods)


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Geek Golf
DCT 7 Wood

I have hit this off fairways,roughand some knarly lies without the finish being affected. The paint is as good as any of the major companies.


Prior to staring a round I went off to the driving range to warm up.After a bit I looked over at the 7 wood and gave it a few swings. Interesting...nice trajectory, cut low through the wind , good distance.So off to the course - My god - it felt like I had owned this club for a couple of years.Now I haven't had a chance to play in about 8 months yet every time I put this club into play it found its mark. The three rails on the bottom prevented fat shots and this club cut through everything - fairway, mild rough, uphill lie,I even used it ala a 3 wood for a greenside roll, it did not matter. I caught a birdie on a par 5 into the wind with this damn thing . Follow up/4 months laterA friend and I played Wintonbury and this club set me up perfectly on a majority of holes that were in the 380/400 range.I had a GPS screen on my cart and was able to finally dial in distances for this club.186 yards seemed to be its longest distance and it was consistently in the 175/180 range. As a result I was able to find the green quite a few times with my 2nd shot.


Absolutely nothing to complain about


I have bagged various fairways/hybrids this past ten years and never felt confident in my mid/long game. This club has truly energized my scoring ability.

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