Review of GEL Emerald (Putters)

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Seemed top notch. Felt solidly made, had quality grip installed


At first look, you think this is an odd shaped putter. It's not a classic blade design or a standard mallet design either. It's a combination of the two, with a blade head that has additional mass behind the center of the blade. Also standing out is the yellow and teal/blue stripped grip that comes with it. So you'll do a double take when you first see it.The weight of the putter is quite comfortable. It's heavy enough to feel solid but not too heavy that you feel like you're swinging a brick. First putt on the putting green I sank a 12 footer. The putter is a little taller than mine so I had to choke down on the grip a bit to feel comfortable. The ball seemed to jump off the face fine whether I hit it center or slightly off. The groove milled face is supposed to impart truer top spin on the ball faster and straighter though I don't know that I saw that. But that's the theory. It's easy to get the ball to the hole with this putter, so you'll need to spend some time getting used to how hard to putt them.


Even though the theory is that the ball will go straighter, I actually pulled more putts with this putter than my Ping putter. I am not sure why but I did. I started moving the ball a little further back in my stance and that seemed to help. Also, this putter wants to stand tall and straight. I know that's what we're supposed to do anyway, but with this putter any slight lean to the putter face seemed to produce more drag on the ground, affecting putts more than I've noticed on my putter. Now that could be a factor of this putter being 1' taller than my current putter and therefore I wasn't making enough of a change to my stance. But the drag was there.


Good putter, different look, but good. Won't have any problem getting the ball to the hole. May have to work to get a feel for the setup and alignment a little more at first but overall a nice putter.

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