Review of Geox Fusion (Shoes)

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The innovative Geox system allows the foot to breathe over its entire surface. THE PATENT: GEOX NET SYSTEM Most of the surface of the sole consists of a net which, combined with the special breathable and waterproof Geox membrane, increases the sole's breathability and prevents water, mud and all other external elements from penetrating inside the shoe, thus keeping the foot dry. THE MEMBRANE The Geox revolution has been made possible after extensive research and development of the membrane, made of a special micro-porous material which absorbs sweat through the insole and lets it out in the form of water vapour. This process is made possible as the membrane`s micro-pores are larger than water vapour molecules, but smaller than water droplets - hence keeping water out and the feet dry.


Seems like excellent quality of construction. Shoes have textile lining, so no break-in needed, I walked 18 holes the first time I wore them. Good texture on shoe laces, they are grippy and stay tied.


Has permanant type soft spikes, so when they wear out the shoes are toast.


I wore these on a day that the course was soaking wet and had no problem keeping my feet dry and comfortable. The built-in soft spikes provided good traction in slippery conditions. The design of the shoe gives you a high level of comfort for walking 18 holes.

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