Review of Golfsmith SnakeEyes Viper TiSteel (Fairway Woods)

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SnakeEyes Viper TiSteel

Quality is first rate. The finish is very good. The sound and feel at impact is very solid.


I really like this 9 wood head. It has a tall club face which I like for hitting off a tee. The Maraging steel face is really hot, and the ball just explodes off the club face. This head is suppossed to not be very forgiving, but I fing it very easy to hit well. Off the deck, the oversize head doesn't seem to be a problem so far


NOthing not to like about this 9 wood head.


If you are looking for a good fairway wood, this TiSteel is a good choice. Distance with this 24* 9 wood is very long, for me it's my 195 yard carry club. Great for long par 3's or short par 4's when you just have to hit the fairway. I find it easier to hit off the deck from 195 yards than an iron. Could be just me, but that's now easy it is to hit.

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