Review of Golfsmith Tour Cavity Forged (Irons)

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Tour Cavity Forged

Well I built these so the construction is superb ;-) The quality of the components are equal to any of the OEM's out there.


I love the feel and the way they set up. I'm a firm believer that if the club appeals to your eye it will result in more confidence, and better play. These irons have absolutely delivered. CG is behind the ball which allows me to work shots but still take advantage of the forgiveness that the cavity back design affords me. I wasn't as concerned with distance for myself, but in the right hands they will go long.


They have a thicker top line than I would like.


After more than 30 years of playing golf my swing has slowed down, but my ability to strike the ball is still relatively solid. I find I'm getting just as good results today from these clubs as I did with my blades during my best years at the game. (Although, I may have to back down a club or two). My first day out with these clubs, I shot a 77. One of the best rounds I've had in a while. What could be a better testament then that!

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