Review of Grafalloy EPIC Driver (Shafts)

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EPIC Driver

Excellent quality of workmanship and materials in this shaft.


Very nice looking shaft with Nano Technology that make these shafts very consistant shaft to shaft. Good accuracy with the driver when I do my part and put a decent swing on the ball. Good solid feel during the swing.


Torque rating is higher than I'd like for a driver shaft. You have to be very careful with the tip prep on this shaft, or you could ruin it.


This is another really good driver shaft from Grafalloy. I've been pleasantly pleased with the proformance of this shaft in the driver head I installed it in. Diatance is good and accuracy is right up there with the best shafts I've tried. You have to be more careful with tip preperation but that shouldn't be an issue if you know what you're doing. Very good shaft for the money especially with the new lower price of $100.

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