Review of Greg Norman The Complete Golfer Part 1 (Instructional Video)

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Greg Norman
The Complete Golfer Part 1

Well filmed video with good picture and sound quality


Greg Norman is well known as a long hitter of the ball. He does a nice job of explaining how he is able to do this in this video. He starts with the basics of the setup and swing. I fould a few good tips that I have put into use in my swing that have helps improve my consistancy and ball striking.


This is an excellent instrucional video on the long game. Greg starts with the grip and stance to goes over all the details of how and why. I think that most any golfer will find a few things that will help their game in this video. I know I sure did. HIs idea of starting the back swing by moving your left elbow BACK is a great tip that really works very well. It helped smooth out my backswing for more consistancy. Now I just have to find Part 2 of the set to see what else I can learn. I'd recommend this video to new as well as the better golfers out there.

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