Review of Hogan CFT Hybrid (Irons)

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Tim in AZ
CFT Hybrid

The fit, finish, and overall look of these clubs is as good as any brand I have seen at any price. At address they provide a traditional look with no obvious 'bulges' as are present with some cavity back designs.


This is my first iron set with graphite shafts. They provide more distance than equivalent R-flex steel shafts but less feel. They are also slightly less accurate than steel. It is easy to hit 'sweet' as the cavity back design provides very good distance anywhere within a 1/4 inch of the sweet spot. I general I am about 10 yards longer with every club: 5 equals 175 yards, 7 equals 150 yards, 9 equals 125 yards.


The #3 hybrid and #4 hybrid are beautiful to look at and conventional in design for hybrids. My normal swing is down and through the ball making a divot from the point where the ball meets the ground to about 3' beyond. The hybrids require a different setup and swing path, more of a sweeping action. Having #3 and #4 irons (not hybrids) would be a better fit for me. I will probably be giving the hybrids to friends that can use them.


I would rate these clubs as a 'Best Buy' considering the overall performace and discount price. Make sure you test drive the #3 and #4 hybrid before purchasing.

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