Review of Hogan Edge CFT 3-E (Irons)

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BillA, Sarasota, FL.
Edge CFT 3-E

These are like all Hogan irons I have seen: beautifully polished, perfectly assembled and an original design. I really like their understated appearance, with a lack of glitzy, and guady emblishments. They are beautiful in their form and function.


Over the years, I have owned probably 15 sets of irons, but these BenHogan Edge CFT irons have to be the most beautiful looking set I have seen. They show me solid engineering, with NO gaudy gimmicks, or glitzy plastic, rubber, or graphite inserts on the heads. The face is a forged insert of titanium, saving a good ounce of weight which has been redistributed in the perimeter and the back weighting of the stainless steel head, making them very forgiving. I have heard them described as 'muscle cavity backs'. I have never seen such a polish job on any set of irons, and it's obvious there was a lot of hand labor and care in their manufacture. They are easy to aim, easy to hit, and I am very consistant even with the 3 and 4 irons. The Apex 3 steel regular flex shaft is very well suited to me, and the factory grips are very comfortable. The head size is large enough for a mid handicapper, but not shovel sized like a lot of clubs today. The offset is moderate. The warranty card in the box was was signed by the person who assembled the clubs and did the inspection. Mine were built in 2005. Each club is also serial numbered, and it's obvious that Hogan irons are really a cut above in quality over most of the other OEMs I have seen and owned. The Edge CFT irons are probably the last irons made by Hogan before the Callaway take-over, having been introduced in, I believe, 2003. I am very pleased with these irons, find them easy to set up, easy and very accurate to hit, and the most beautiful set of irons I have seen. You won't be dissapointed in the Edge CFTs. They are all business, and will probably remain in my bag for many years to come. I just don't see how you could get a better quality golf club. The only other OEM I would even compare with the Hogan quality of fit, finish and design are Mizunos. There has always been a mystique about Hogan irons, and after playing these Edge CFTs, I can understand what it means. They are simply beautiful to look at, and beautiful to play. I would have to say, they are real jewels.


I have not found anything negative about them.


I wish I had bought these years ago. The only good thing about buying them now, is that I got them for a really great price, being an older model, but still brand new in the box.

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