Review of Horsepower Custom Built Long Driver SMT Head/Penley Shaft (Drivers)

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Mike in Tampa, FL
Custom Built Long Driver SMT Head/Penley Shaft

Junk, my $240 driver broke in 4 hits, that's component, aka \"knockoff\" quality for you


Absolutely nothing. This club broke on the 4th hit at the driving range with a MEDIUM swing. I have never seen a piece of sporting equipment fail so suddenly.


Besides the fact that a $240 club broke in 4 swings, the story gets much worse. I called Pat Demsey from, and told him what had happened. This guy tells me if I want to fix the problem, I must-1) Send the club back and pay for shipping ($20)2) Pay LABOR to have a new shaft inserted, grip installed, and spine/frequency charges ($30 dollars)3) Pay for shipping to have it sent back to me ($20)This is Pat Dempsey's idea of customer service. Sell you something that brakes in 60 seconds, and then screw you over even furthur when you need his help to fix the problem. This kind of business ethics are borderline crimal


Bottom line is this folks, if you're looking to purchase a long driver for competition, do you homework, and ask questions. All that glitters is not gold, and try to have your local pro shop build you one. These online companies will screw you over once they have you money, and since they're in another state, they think they have immunity from you ringing their neck. Don't EVER buy anything from, EVER. You're better off taking your money and throwing it out the window.

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