Review of Integra 400 cc w/ Harrison Titanium Shaft (Drivers)

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Integra golfer
400 cc w/ Harrison Titanium Shaft

The face of the club is VERY hard so even the golfer with less distance can be right in the middle of his group and not being left behind.


As for the Integra 400 cc head. WOW!!! I am a fairly long driver, but with this head, the ball just flies off of it. The Shaft is designed to reduce lag in your swing to reduce your slice, and it keeps it straight as an arrow. When you put the two together it is an unbeatable combination. I have hit some 300-310 yrd drives with my old driver, but with the Integra I have gone 320-330 yrds. and with the accuracy of Harrison behind it, it simply can't be beat. This is a real easy club for the beginner to hit. You can get everything that you need at Why spend the high prices when yo can have a club that won the Remax Long drive competition. Truly a good buy!!!!


The only complaint about the whole club is well I don't have any. That is how good it really is!


Need I say more. Integra comes out with every loft you can imagine for a driver. I have seen them all the way down to a 3 degree, and as high as a 12 degree.

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