Review of Integra Sooo Long 600cc (Drivers)

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Sooo Long 600cc

With the exception of the tendancy to crack in the sole.......the construction is outstanding when considering how large the sweet spot & rebound effect are.


The club turned out to be awesome. I have tried them ALL previously (incl ERCII, the entire TM 300 series incl tour model, Ping tsi tec, Jazz 500cc, Mizuno, Deep Red,etc....) and the Integra consistenly out-performed them all in distance and to my surprise also in accuracy as the sweet spot is huge. The sound is like a gun shot and actually hurts the right ear of the hitter. A true conversation piece that delivers!!!!


My dislikes are the high tendancy for cracking of the clubhead. My original head cracked and the replacement has arrived today; however, the low cost coupled with AMAZING performance makes this one worth another shot. The head weighing in at less than 200 grams results in a very thin body and probably accounts for the cracking in the sole.


Overall, I highly recommend this club to anyone when considering it is priced far below the major brands. The results are better than one could obtain with any other club in my opinion.

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