Review of Integra Tour 312 (Drivers)

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Tour 312

Construction is first rate. Finish of the head is average to good. The finished club is understated with the charcoal Phoenixx shaft, no screaming or gaudy colors. But the results speak for themselves. Overall, well worth the $39 I spent on the clubhead.


The head is similar in appearance to a Titleist 975J, but dark charcoal in color. The face is a little wider, and medium tall in height. It looks beautiful with the Phoenixx shaft. The club sets up square to open, does not appear over sized, and exudes confidence at address. The club is well balanced at D6. Sound at impact is a muted crack, not the loud resonant ping you hear from many of the new oversize drivers, anf the feel is solid, not hollow. Ball velocity is hot, trajectory is medium but easily adjusted with tee height. Now the good part. Carry is LONG, farther than trajectory would indicate, and the roll out is huge, easily 25 yards on most hits. Dispersion is very tight, the ball goes where you swing the club. I don't work the ball left often, but can turn it over slightly if necessary. Where this club really excels is with the power fade. My playing partners have commented they know exactly how I will play the ball off the tee, and so do I. If it is not in the fairway, it's due my swing. I simply can not blame my equipment. That being said, this is not a game improvement club for a chronic slicer.


The only negative is the fake bore though plug on the sole. The head is a standard bore, not a bore through like the Titleist 975J. Integra could have done without that bit of clonish cosmetics. There is no alignment mark on the head, but that was easily added with a decal.


Looking for feel, carry, roll, and accuracy at a great price, then check this setup out. This club is hot! If you make solid, square contact with your swing, this club and shaft combination will amaze your partners. Boom!

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