Review of Lamkin i-Line (Grips)

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Joe Golfer



Since Lamkin worked with Iomic Grips on these new models, they are actually made of a different material than Lamkin's standard rubber grips. Iomic uses a thermoplastic compound. Anyway, I received the grips last week, and I must say that I really like them.I haven't re-gripped all of my clubs yet, but I did re-grip a couple of clubs, a driver and a wedge.The material is excellent for feel.Great tackiness. Not too soft or firm, and it doesn't feel coarse at all like some crossline grips do.


As I mentioned, I won these grips.But if I were paying, I probably wouldn't have even tried them due to the ten dollar per grip price, since I usually pay about half that.That said, they really are superb feeling grips.


A superb feeling grip.Lamkin's web page says that this grip forever eliminates the compromise between feel and performance.I have to agree.If you want new grips and are willing to pay that much for grips, these really are excellent feeling grips. And I think they'll last a long time too.They come in black, dark blue, turqoise, lime green, and yellow, with contrasting butt cap colors, for those that like variety.

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