Review of Lamkin R.E.L. 3Gen (Grips)

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Joe Golfer
R.E.L. 3Gen

Excellent quality, as Lamkin generally is.


It's a nice feeling grip, but I've felt better, to be honest.This grip uses Lamkin's new 3Gen material, which I like very much.That said, I like the feel of the Lamkin 3Gen Performance Plus grip much better.The difference between the two is that the Performance Plus uses more of the 'Crossline' style of indentations on the grip, but it feels softer. But it doesn't have a standard taper, which I would prefer in woods.This R.E.L. 3Gen grip has the standard taper, but the honeycomb pattern in the grip feels a little rougher than others, sort of like the underside of Lamkin's new N-Dur grips.3Gen material also helps with vibration control.


See the section about what I like, as it is noted there.


A decent standard taper grip, but I think that the honeycomb pattern in the grip deters a little bit from the softness that the 3Gen material is supposed to give to it, especially compared to the Performance Plus model.Grip works well in any weather.All in all, a fine grip, but some will love it and some will prefer a slightly different style.

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