Review of Lynx Black Cat Tour (Fairway Woods)


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Black Cat Tour

Other than the hugh loft varience from sole to crown, the head is very well made.


I like the look of this head, and I like the hot face on this head. With the movable weights you can change the ball flight and swing weight easily.


The loft is 19*, which is a little high for a 5 wood. The main complaint I have with this head is that the loft varies from sole to crown way too much. All woods have some bulge and roll to the face. but this one is weird. I measured the loft at the sole and it's 18*, which is fine. At the center it's 19* which is what the specs call for. But as you get closer to the crown, it goes up the 24*, which is not good. That's the same loft as my 9 wood. And that explains why when I tee up a ball with this 5 wood, I hit it the same distance as I hit my 9 wood. Off the deck I can hit it some 30 yards longer, which is what I was expecting compared to my 9 wood.


I got this head for a few reasons, one is that the taller club face was going to give me some margin for error off a tee. But with the higher loft near the crown, I don't get any margin for error at all. Coming up some 30 to 35 yards short, is not what I call forgiving. If all you want is a fairwood for hitting off the deck, this head if very good. Off a tee, it stinks. I'd give it a 5 for off the deck, but a 2.5 off a tee or from tall rough.

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