Review of MacGregor MacTec NVG2 Draw 460 (Drivers)

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MacTec NVG2 Draw 460

Very solid. MacGregor built this thing right.


Clean look at address, deep purple hue when polished, delivers a long ball with an easy swing. Cup face technology seems to be legit, no real sweet spot, the whole face is good.


No center alignment on crown, but that really isn't a big deal. Opinions vary on the sound. It does produce a deeper, metallic, 'tanky' sound upon impact to my ear.


As a Greg Norman fan I picked this up to replace my old TaylorMade 540. It did everything I wanted it to. I came to believe that I preferred the tight 'ting' sound from the TaylorMades so I picked up a TaylorMade Tour Burner. Both are wonderful clubs, but only one is about $100 cheaper on eBay. Interstingly the Tour Burner has more of a draw offset then the 'draw' Mac. if I had to do it all over again, I would probably save my money and stick with the Mac, because performance wise they are on par with each other and both excellent.

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