Review of MacGregor NVG2 (Irons)


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Quality and construction are very good, although the irons do pick up play marks easily. Design is very high tech looking, but not enough to keep them from being very attractive irons. Shafts look great. I think that some type of maraging steel is used in the faces... good hot stuff!


Clubs are game improvement irons, although I read somewhere that Greg Norman selected these over several other MacGregor irons to play.. He now owns a big chunk of the company.Irons took a little getting used to, but are extremely easy to hit... and are very accurate. Distance is fine, maybe a touch longer than most.Feel is great, hot face on the irons, very crisp. Graphite shafts in S flex are very good.Long irons are easy to get up in the air, long and straight. These irons, maybe due to the graphite shafts seem to like a smooth but firm swing... although you can get after it once you are used to how they hit!


The 9 and PW have a significant amount of bounce in the soles... that can be both good and bad. On tight lies, you have to go after it to avoid topping it, or deloft the club as in a knock down type of move. On fluffy lies... excellent. The longer irons do not seem to have the same issue. Grips are good, not great, but everybody has their favorites... mine are mid-size GP Tour wraps.


An outstanding set of irons. I have tried out many, and even though I shoot in the high 70's mostly, some blow-ups still and a few rounds close to even, these irons are in the bag. To me, easy is good. Greens in reg is good. Great balance and feel is good. I also have the [email protected] driver with V2 S flex, a great driver. Both the irons and driver are being sold at super low prices... and that too, is good!

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