Review of MacGregor Response (Irons)

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mael mordha

like i said these clubs were far from new when i bought them, all the shafts showed signs of wear and bag rub, although given their age they had held up pretty well. i have a fast swing thats maybe more suited to steel shafts but these clubs never gave me a single cause for concern. they put up with the worst the scottish weather and my swing could throw at them and never complained. i eventually gave them to a friend who wanted to take up golf, and some 10 years after buying them they are still going strong..


the clubs were my first decent set, and my first graphite set of clubs.. they looked and felt great, nice weight, nice top line at address, even the grips were sweet. a real easy club to swing, shots from the sweet spot were nice and long, with a mid to high trajectory , shots off centre still travelled but without any great distance, and yes you got feed back from the club. the long irons were easy to hit, and the short irons were a dream nice and high and dropped like a stone with plenty spin.


petty things really :- ball shedders !! so much spin maroon shaft ( not really my colour )


i really liked these irons, i have not seen another set of response`s since... they were well made and easy to use, and they let you know if/when you had put a bad stroke in. i would happily use them again and would recommend them to anyone..nb i have never written a review before, but felt compelled to do so when reading a review on here about the club which i felt was unfair and way off the mark

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