Review of MacGregor Tourney V-Cavity Weighted (Fairway Woods)

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Doug Herrick
Tourney V-Cavity Weighted

The Three Wood has a "Hot Forged Stainless Steel" face with just barely legal COR. There is also a V Cavity Weighted design on the sole of the club to add more mass behind the hitting area. All in all it works for me, I like hitting this club off the tee. Near as I can tell the quality of workmanship is up to snuff.


First: the paint job is cool, it's brown - darker on the edges and a lighter shade of brown in the middle of the head. I got the strong three wood to replace my driver, at 13 degrees it's practically a driver any way. I don't like the 340cc plus size heads, so I thought this set up would work well for me. It's a solid club, as it turns out I hit this three wood further than my old Taylor Made Driver. It sets up nice - easy to square up to the target. With a stiff shaft it just feels good, inspiring confidence that I can (and will) hit the ball a ton,


I find it difficult to hit off the fairway and will have to get the five wood for such shots.The most difficult thing about buying this club, and the irons, is dealing with MacGregor Customer Service. They offer custom club fitting. They are not very good at it. They installed the wrong grips and in the case of the irons the used the wrong shafts and the clubs had to be sent back, delaying their arrival another two weeks (four weeks total, I hope).


Macgregor makes a good club but without the service to bring it home, it can make it a difficult purchase

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