Review of Maxfli Revolution (Black Dot) (Irons)

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Revolution (Black Dot)

They feel a lot like the blades I had previously but easier to hit and I get even more distance out of them. I love the way the clubs are weighted also.


I like everything about these irons. I used to hit my ICW's pretty well when I was playing often but now I'm lucky to play once a week. They weren't very forgiving on mishits either. The Maxfli Revolutions are a lot easier to hit and very true. You still feel the mishits a bit in the shaft but not like the blades to where it hurt your hands. I hit the sweetspot more often and hit the balls straighter and more consistent. I've aslo added at least ten yards to each club. I'm now hitting my PW over 150 yds! I'm getting higher trajectory on the ball as well. I've only played with my Maxfli about a half a dozen times so I know I'm going to get to like them even more.


There is not much at all that I don't like with these irons. I really can't say anything bad about them at this point. They're great!


I recommend these Maxfli Revolution irons to anyone shooting in the 80's or below!

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