Review of Mirage Integra IV 10 degree (Drivers)

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Integra IV 10 degree

Basically, I got screwed by Mirage Golf, the club I recieved was not what I had ordered, I ordered a 9 degree head with stiff PF 65 shaft and midsize winn grip. I got a 10 degree head and an oversize grip, they did get the shaft right but the club was 2" longer than what I ordered. I called Mirage Golf and spoke with "Todd" he said no worries they would send me the correct club but after 20+ phone calls to Mirage Golf, I never did receive it.


This head is very forgiving and long, also very accurate. Head looks similar to Ping ISTI but the sound and feel are very different. This driver was ordered with PF 65 stiff at 46.5" and with a "midsize" winn master wrap grip.


Seems hard to work the ball with a draw, not sure if that is the head or the shaft, but upon reading other reviews for this combo they all indicate that the ball is hard to work and just wants to go straight. Thats the worst I can say about this setup...


Integra IV head with PF 65 shaft is a quality stick...No worries here. Just make sure you order from a reliable company.

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