Review of Mizuno Comp EZ Irons (Irons)


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Dave S.
Comp EZ Irons

The club is well built and solid. I got the lite weight regular shaft. The grips that come with the irons are perfect for my hands. They have a great feeling that gives you confidence that there will be no slipping. Mizuno definitely make a quality club.


I literally gained 10 to 15 yards per club (execept for the pitching wedge). I assume this is due to the forged technology of this club. Also, when you look down the shaft, you see a nice thin head. Even though it is somewhat perimeter weighted, it has a much thinner appearance than the most of the cast perimeter weighted clubs. It also has a fairly large sweet spot and when you hit that spot, you can feel that ball take off. I have actually gone back to using my 3 and four iron instead of fair way woods. I get more distance with the irons than the woods. I also use the 2 iron for teeing off on short, tight par fours.


The only negative to the club is when you mishit the ball all together. The forging lets you feel that also. You definitely know you missed it.


I'm excited about these irons. I'm hitting the ball further than before and I'm hitting more greens. It's great to use a 5 iron on a 170 yard par three over water. They have helped my lower a few strokes from my score and I have much greater amount of confidence when I hit the course.I can't say enough good things about these clubs.

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