Review of Mizuno F-50 (Fairway Woods)

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Very well made head with a good low torque graphite shaft. High quality assemblly workmanship.


The head is a made of steel, with a graphite composent crown. The factory Stiff flex shaft is better than most OEM shafts I've hit. Easy to get the ball up high and straight. Good distance with a consistant launch angle due to very little bulge and roll in the clubface. Low torque shaft is a plus.


Club head is pretty small. Tall enough face height, but the footprint at address looks a bit too small for good confidence.


Good 4 wooods are getting really hard to find today. This Mizuno 16.5* 4 wood is exactly what I was looking to find. I really like composite fairway woods and drivers due to there ease of getting ball up fast and long carry yardages. The head looks small at address, but I'm hitting it better than I figured I might. ONce I have time to test it more to see how long it is off the tee, it might replace my current 3 and 5 woods. One club to do the job of two. If the head look bigger at address, I'd give this 4 wood a 5 rating.

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