Review of Mizuno MP-14 (Irons)

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Very clean design with minimal flare. The double nickle chrome wears and dings quickly but I cannot say if it affects my game or not. Had to replace a 6 iron with its chrome chipped. The club ages quickly.


MP-14 served me well. On good swing days, I get addicted to the feeling of nailing it. On Average days, I can get what I want as well but about 5 to 8 yards short each time. Distence wise, these are as strong as any club out there but you need precision. It has plenty of feelback. I learned to interpres the feedback and I am able to make all sort of shots. The heads are small and heavy, which I like, enough to let me get out of the rough easier then with the armour V-31. The club forces me to play within my skills and strength - I guess this is a good thing.


There is no getting out of the jail on bad days. But I can usually get out with good behavior - slow down and concentrate on making contacts. Probably switch on to Mizuno Pro-II sometimes in the future.


I probabaly will be a life long Mizuno iron player. The feel of hitting on the sweet spot is addictive. Will hit the weights to increase my strength so I can hit stronger with going "all out"

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