Review of Mizuno MP-14 (Irons)


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As with all other Mizuno products, the craftsmanship of these irons are superb. Mizuno really took their time designing these irons and it shows. The only complaint I have is that the chrome nicks and dents quite easily, but that has little effect on the playability of the clubs.


I like everything about this club. At address, the club sets up perfectly. The topline is thin and it is very easy to line up to the target. The clubs also look amazing in your bag. When you walk up to the tee with a bag full of blades, people take you seriously. When hit on the sweetspot, the ball rockets off the clubface on what I could only describe as the perfect trajectory. The ball sails towards the target and lands softly. The feedback with these irons is, of course, unbelievable. Fades, draws, knockdowns, punches, and just about any other shots you can think of are easy to execute if your swing is on track. These irons are by far the best blade that I have tried. If you can still find a good set for a good price pick them up in a hurry!


The only thing that I don't like about these irons is the feel on mishits. Your hands sting when you miss the middle of the clubface. If it's cold outside and you're not swinging well then watch out.


Find them, buy them, love them. I did and I'll never look back.

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