Review of Mizuno MP-52 (Irons)

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top notch. Look, feel both solid.


Mizuno makes beautiful and stylish clubs. The MP-52 is no exception. Nothing bulky or any eye-sore, just simple designs polished look. Smaller topline than my current Callaways but still thick enough to have confidence that the club will drive the ball. These setup nicely and give good feedback after contact. These are reasonably forgiving and even my bad shots went straight. I don't know if these fall into the game improvement or players clubs category but to me they were game improvement irons that wanted to go straight. I typically have a slight draw with my irons and every shot with the MP's went straight, even the shank I hit. Straight as an arrow, right, but straight.Distance was good, a few yards farther than my Callaways but not crazy long


Well, I had a hard time working these. Which isn't a terrible thing, straight's good too. but if you are used to playing a slight fade or draw, these might take some getting used to. The cavity in the back looks a lot like the old Hogan Edge CFT's just smaller. I like Mizuno's version much better than Hogans. But these do catch grass and such and if you're a neat freak it could take a little more work to clean that areaPrice is a little steep but all in all, within Mizuno's normal range.


Nice clubs. A little steep price for me, but I love how they look and feel. I wish I could work them a little more too. But a solid Mizuno club.

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