Review of Mizuno MP 57 (Irons)

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MP 57

They're Mizuno... Nuff said... Why do you think Tiger and Nike pay so much to Mizuno to stamp the Swoosh on their clubs...LOL... Didnt know that did you?...


Anyone who has played Mizuno know them for their feel, and shot making ability, yet most amature players shy away from them because of the 'players only' stigma they carry. Well Mizuno has broken off into the Game Improvement style of clubs a bit and this is, in my oppinion, their best set yet. I tried the 32's, and the 60's. the 32's were too blade like and had very little forgiveness to miss-hits, and the 60's were too forgiving and lacked shot making ability. I opted to try the 57's. They have some parimiter weighting, and still the thin top line players love as well as minimal offset. I would rank this set toward a 0-9 hcp player... but a TRUE 0-9... aything over that 9, should look at the 60's or even the mx 23's... The launch is high but penetraing, I delofted my set 1* to bring it down a touch... and the custom upgrade to the Project X was a nice touch.. The standard shaft is the S300 DG...still an excellent shaft... I found the pw-5 extremely easy to hit and had very good control for high and low shots. could work the ball easily, draw or fade. The 4 and 3 irons were a bit harder, and took an exacting strike to work, they did however get air borne quickly and didn't lack any distance on slight miss-hits. The irons play as soft as ping G10's and without any distance loss... I was flying theese Mizuno's as far as my total dist with the ping, and nike cci... The only competitor in distance was the new cobra carbon, they were 2-4 yards avg shorter, and a touch higher in tragectory...


I love all about Mizuno... They are forged, so beware of major bag chatter, and dings.


Buy them if youre looking for a soft feeling club you can work. Beware the 57's are a players club with forgiveness... but if you're not a consistant ball striker, you will pay with distance and location loss...

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