Review of Mizuno Mp-60 (Irons)


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Louie Christensen

Perfect. I wanted a players iron without buying BLADE blades. They've got just enough meat on them so you KNOW you are gonna hit a nice crisp shot.


I almost hate to hit them...I've found myself apologizing to them when I get a little grass stain on their BEAUTIFUL chrome finish. They feel like butter when hit in the sweet spot, but even when I missed them a little I felt like I could still steer them towards the green unlike my old cavity irons. They are amazing, I've never been able to consistently hit a green 190 yrds+ until I got these clubs.


I've never had so many people want to hit them before because, 'they're thinking about buying a set' But thats an easy fix. All you really need is a quicker, 'NO!' Preferably once you set your clubs down and the amazingly gorgeous chrome finish catches their eye.


Instructors will always tell you to 'Think like a pro and it'll all come together'. Looking down at a thinner iron will be the best first step. My mindset changed from, 'That cavity will get it up there.' to, 'Lets get it up there...the club will be a nice help though.' In NO WAY am I a perfect/great iron player...but these clubs added at least 5 yrds to each club, which lets me swing easier (Increasing accuracy) and surprisingly enough FORGIVENESS! Yes these clubs are forgiving. I now look forward to using my irons.

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