Review of Mizuno MP-62 (Irons)

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Excellent design and construction. Once I saw the design was a cross between the MP-32 and the MP-30, I knew I had to have these. I have the MP-32 and like them, but these seem to be slightly more forgiving.


Like all Mizunos, the MP-62 is a very smooth club. Good balance if you swing right, feel is buttery. Nice high trajectory, good spin. Distance is comparable to MP-32. Haven't tried them on a course yet. Mostly have hit them on the driving range thus far, but definitely worth the money. The long irons seem a little difficult to hit draws from a ground lie, it may be because the lie angle is slightly flatter than I prefer, but the short irons are dead-on, point-and-shoot.


Standard lengths and lies that seem to be made for people who are 5'9' or shorter (I'm 6'1' and prefer steeper lie angles). The grips are OK if you're a tour velvet type guy, but I like Lamkin Sof-Cord. So both will be changed out after a while.


Overall, I am very satisfied with these irons and can't wait to play them on the course. Even though I would be considered a mid-high handicapper (20+), I love playing these clubs because I am more of a feel player. Perhaps with these forged irons, I will drop several strokes.

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