Review of Mizuno MP52 (Irons)

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Great, no questions.


Man, Mizuno makes a beautiful club. The MP52 is no exception. The thin top line, the style of the club face, it's just a beauty to behold. Now the 52 is not as thin on top as the blades Mizuno has but it's also not nearly as thick as the Callaway's I play now. The true test though was the performance. So at the range, these things were like a warm knife thru butter. Via smooth and the ball just felt like it was almost not there. Distance was very comparable to my Callaway X-Tours, maybe a little longer. Ball flight was a nice easy draw most of the time, with a couple slight fades, but the shot dispersion was pretty tight overall. They setup nicely at address and again, are a beautiful club and more easy to hit than the 57's by far


The only thing that concerns me was how soft the ball felt, I worry they may not provide as good a feedback on off-center hits. Either I pured every shot or the feedback is a little muted


This is actually one of the first recent sets of Mizuno's I hit well. I used to play Mizuno's but they seemed to evolve to true players clubs and I needed a little more forgiveness. These feel like that have it. May just make me trade in my Callaway's for a set of MP 52's.

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